Warlords of Olathe Edit

The warlords of Olathe are the most powerful peoples of Olathe after the event of the White Flash. Each leaders dominate certain areas as their turf. Their names are listed on The List, the name written highest on the wall means that one is the most strongest of all people in Olathe. 3 warlords dominate West side of Olathe and rest 6 dominate the east. In Painful, you encounter 3 warlords by Brad and 6 by Buddy in Joyful.

West side of Olathe Edit

9th Ranked: Hawk Hollywood Edit

Hawk Hollywood and his gang rule Holly Wood. While his gang is mostly neutral towards Brad, Hawk Hollywood himself will fight Brad. Brad must defeat Hawk Hollywood to obtain one of the item for the boat. In Pain Mode, Hawk Hollywood is replaced with the Joy Mutant version making the battle more difficult. Hawk Hollywood's battle theme is 'Die Die Die!'.

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8th Ranked: Han Tsunami Edit

Han Tsunami's gang is named 'Devil's Bath Boys' and rule the Bathhouse. His gang can be neutral to Brad and kindly ask to leave, but Brad must challenge into a fight to progress through the story by obtaining one of the items for the boat. Han can be easily defeated by using Diesel F. Bomb. Han Tsumani's battle theme is 'Devil's Bath Boys'.

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7th Ranked: Buffalo Van Dyke Edit

Buff Van Dyke and his gang rule the Snow. After arriving higher the mountain, you will run into Buff's men and they will challenge Brad into a football game, and this fight cannot be avoided in the story. Buffalo has multiple phase and can be difficult each phase. During his last phase, he will now use Neck Break to your party. To avoid this, defeat his men first then focus attacking Buffalo. After defeat, he will disband his member for losing to Brad and then joins by taking the Tool Box, one of the items for the boat. Buffalo's battle theme is 'War Season'.

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East Side of Olathe Edit

6th Ranked: Vega Van Dam Edit

Vega Van Dam and his gang rule Vega Land. His land is very fond of color pink and his men wears a pink fabric hat. His land has been attacked by some men and Joy Mutant, causing his men to barricade the entrance to not let the monsters enter his land. Vega's battle theme is '666 Killchop Deluxe'.

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5th Ranked: Mr. Beautiful Edit

Mr. Beautiful and his men rule Pacifist Village. Mr. Beautiful and his men are all pacifist and refuse to fight and wearing a doll face mask. Before getting close to Mr. Beautiful, the path will be blocked by a Joy Mutant who was one of the unics.

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4th Ranked: Lardy Hernandez Edit

Lardy (Farty on the list) and his gang rule Lardy's Truck, he is also one of the Hernandez family. He and his gang are the suppliers for East side of Olathe. When entering his truck and confirm with Lardy, he will response differently when masked or unmasked. Lardy's battle theme is 'Mouth Wide Open'.

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3rd Ranked: Dice Mahone Edit

Dice and his gang rule Dice's House. The land looks deserted, but all his men went into hiding to ambush Buddy when entering one of the house. Their leader has already transformed into a Joy Mutant. Dice's battle theme is 'Roll the Dice'.

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2nd Ranked: Sindy Gallows Edit

Sindy and his gang rule Sindy Road. His place is full of arrow turrets and many of his men are slaughtered by a Joy Mutant. After Sindy's attempt to fight the Joy Mutant, he was betrayed by his ex-followers and "killed" by them. Sindy's battle theme is 'Arrow to the Head'.

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1st Ranked: Big Lincoln Edit

Big Lincoln and his followers rule Big Lincolns. He is the strongest warlord of all Olathe. His cave is guarded by his followers. At the end of the cave, you will find out that a number of people died trying to take Big Lincoln's spot. Big Lincoln's battle theme is 'All American Badass'.

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