Scott Lawson
Battler scott
Enemy information
HP 1000 ATK 40
SP 30 DEF 15
SATK 25 AGI 32
Exp 500 Mags 6
Item Drops
1/3 chance of Mystery Jerky
1/3 chance of Empty Bottle
1/9 chance of Perfume
HIT * 95% EVA * -90%
Attack Element: Physical
Kick Always 5
Dirt Kick Always 5
"The groin... My only weakness..."
―Scott Lawson, after being defeated


Scott Lawson or his full name Supreme Lord of Surprise Scott Lawson kicks Brad Armstrong in the groin and knocks him down. He is the first and only person to have kicked Brad in the groin in the entire game. After taking pleasure in kicking Brad's testicles in, he proceeds to run away and stand idle next to the W2D house. As Brad engages his assaulter in combat, he will attack the Supreme Lord of Surprise Scott Lawson with a devastating ball shattering nut cracker to the groin. Regardless if it did any damage or not, Scott goes down after one groin kick.



  • You can either kick him in the nuts or walk past him and pretend nothing even happened
  • His groin kick will knock you off your bicycle.
  • If you interact with him after kicking him in the nuts it will say "He's dead inside."
  • You can actually miss the groin kick on your final confrontation, though the scene will play out as if you had connected.

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