A sweaty business owner who's lost it all. He suffers from depression...
Party Member
Full Name Ollie Nickels
Nickname Ollie
Class Greaser
Auto State Depression
Equip Types
Weapon Types Sub Machine Gun
Armor Types Accessory / Blouse / Hat
Skill Types Skills
Target Rate 200%
Evasion 5%
Hit Rate 95%
Crit Chance 4%
Depression * 80%
"Whaauea? A customer? I haven't had a customer in years... I bought this bar from some city slicker... What a terrible investment! I've been living off of trash and sea water for quite some time... I want to leave, but I always get lost in all the trash... And on top of that, I'm up to my eyeballs in porno mag debt! I suppose this is my lot in life... huuuahuh? You'll pay all 2 MAGAZINES?!?!"

Ollie is a sweaty Business Owner found on Garbage Island and can be invited into Brad's party after paying off his huge debts.


Name: Ollie Olive Nickels

Fighting Art: Blind Firing

Past Occupation Failed business owner

Likes: Going to restaurants

Favorite Food: Lobsters Bisque

Most Hated Thing: Sweat drying to his skin

Ollie has dipped his toes in every business imaginable. He has also failed in every business imaginable. Not much more can be said about this sweaty man.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Ollie preview1
Ollie is a sweaty, heavy set man

donning a ripped shirt and a yellow hat. He has made a very bad decision and purchased a bar only accessible by the most bad-ass due to anyone wanting to enter having to fight numerous foes.

How to Invite to PartyEdit

Ollie can be found in his own bar, "Ollie's", on Garbage Island. In order to get to garbage island, firstly visit the Fishman Town. In order to get to the Fishman Town, head to Muddy Waters, through the bottom right-hand door in Area 2 and heading East.

Head to the second screen to the east from the entrance to Muddy Waters (And the park scene if you haven't already).Travel to the gap, pictured, and drop down without a bike. You will now be in Fishman Town.

Harrvey Map

Once here, travel to the FIshmen Town and climb to the top to find two Fishmen look at a map. Pick up this map and let Harvey assist you with getting out of court.

Once finished, head to Shardy by climbing down the rope on the right hand side of Area 2 by the jerks. Give Shardy the map and he will take you to Garbage Island. Head east and you will be blocked by a guy in a Paper bag. He will only let you past if Brad is inflicted by Stink. Once Brad has Stink, he will let Brad through again in the future. (To attain Stink, buy a Nugget for 2 mags from Morty's Yard Sale in Karate Town.)

Ollie preview2
Head east, past the Cart race and Fly Minetti, fighting many Lunatic Refrigerators and you will find Ollie's. Pay Ollie's massive debt of 2 magazines and he will request to join Brad's party.


Ollie is an interesting party member who is best used for his "Dancing Machine Gun" skills, which not only targets every single enemy on the screen but also has a chance to make them scared or fall. His Bullet Cutting skills are also useful for inflicting bleed, and he also has plenty of status moves that inflict a multitude of status ailments.

Ollie's drawback, however, is that he suffers from depression, which hinders his stats quite noticeably. In addition, he has a severe lack of SP and tends to run out very quickly during lengthier battles. Because of this, he needs to have his SP replenished far more often than any other party member.


Skill Name Description Level Learned MP Cost
Dancing Serpent Unload a clip into the crowd. Makes the enemy scared and run for cover. 1 10
Bullet Saw Cut through your opponent with a stream of bullets. Causes bleeding. 5 10
Dancing Dragon Unload a clip into the crowd. Makes the enemy scared and run for cover. 10 30
Weird Powder Toss strange smelling powder at your opponent. 15 20
Flash Powder Toss explosive powder at your opponent. 17 30
Bullet Guillotine Cut through your opponent with a stream of bullets. Causes bleeding. 20 30
Dancing Devil Unload a clip into the crowd. Makes the enemy scared and run for cover. 21 40
Sleep Powder Toss soothing powder at your opponent. 23 40
Sister's Kiss A very personal move with a questionable past... 25 50


Statistics analysis

Core Statistics
17 1141 79 27 51 36 36 53 25

Battle QuotesEdit

Win QuotesEdit

Level QuotesEdit

Drop QuotesEdit

  • I need a towel.
  • I miss eating trash sometimes...
  • Oh joy!
  • Any magazines?

Default Equipment Edit



  • Ollie Nickles runs out of SP extremely quickly due to his low max MP and high MP skill costs. If you intend to using him, make sure to stock up on Colas.
  • In order to negate Ollie's small SP pool, team him up with Nern to refill it indefinitely.


  • Originally according to the game files he was supposed to be named "Arty". This was changed for whatever reason.
  • There was a project of making a (joke) fangame about Oliie. This was never announced and ended up cancelled. The only mention of the game was on Taitoki's LISA's Lost Tracks