Olathian Whiskey
Item information
Item ID 63
Price 20
Scope One Ally
Occasion Always
Speed 0
Success Rate 100%
Repeats 1
Hit Type Certain Hit


Capable of getting you drunk. Recovers 500 HP.


  • Karate Village: Give the man above the Yard Sale a Weird Doll and he will give you a bottle of Olathian Whiskey.
  • Olathian Whiskey can also be bought from the bar in the Swamp. It's cheaper than trading in the weird doll, as it can be bought in unlimited supply for 20 mags each, but is a little out of the way.
  • Skull Town, sold by Bartender for 20 Mags.
  • Stone Village, sold by Bartender for 20 Mags.


  • Required to give to Birdie Hall for him to join the party.

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