Neck Break
Biographical information
Skill ID 809
Skill Type Skills
Scope One Enemy
Occasion Always
Speed 10
Success Rate 100
Repeats 1
Hit Type Certain Hit
Occasion Always
100% chance of Dead
Event: DEATH
Recover -9999 HP
Use Message (User) broke your neck.


Neck Break is an extremely dangerous attack and one of the four attacks that can inflict Dead, along with Heart Squeeze, Fatal Chomp, and Decapitate. If used on a party member besides Brad, that member is killed permanently and removed from your party forever.

In LISA: THE JOYFUL, this move will not permanently kill Buddy, but instead will deal high damage and read "(User) twists your limbs." The different sound effect and lightning effect will remain from the PAINFUL version. The only enemies that will use this attack in JOYFUL is Sweetheart and Buzzo's first form as a Joy Mutant.



<Motion Action = 5>

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