Mystery Jerky
Item information
Item ID 1
Price 10
Scope One Ally
Occasion Always
Speed 0
Success Rate 100%
Repeats 1
Hit Type Certain Hit


Dried meat of common Olathian animals. Recovers 300 HP.



  • Too many enemies to list drop Mystery Jerky Randomly. Some examples include: Sugar Mountain, Shadowy Figures, and Crush Mahone.
  • Can be found randomly in gifts left after camping.
  • Brad's House, to the west of the second Save Crow.
  • Brad's Summit, on the ground floor, to the east. (WARNING, the path will end very abruptly and you can very easily drop to your death if you don't stop immediately upon reaching the next map.)
  • Path to the Beginning, East of the entrance, inside of a hidden cave. Another can be found on the very bottom right of the cave on the ground floor.


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