Lil' Nuggie
Battler Lil' Nuggie
Enemy information
HP 12000 ATK 217
SP 30 DEF 15
SATK 25 AGI 32
Exp 1000 Mags 0
Item Drops
1/3 chance of Mystery Jerky
1/3 chance of Empty Bottle
1/9 chance of Perfume
Fire * 50% HIT * 95%
EVA * 5% Attack Element: Physical
Animal * 100% Scared * 50%
Paralysis * 50% Sleep * 50%
Stun * 50%
Eat When HP is between 0% - 20% 4
Bite Always 5
Yell Always 3
Ramble Always 5
Taste Always 3
Fatal Chomp Always 2


Lil' Nuggie is an unsettling mascot of Wally's found on the mountain next to the Fast Food Village. He is seen and heard pacing back and forth on the mountain ridge with a lot of fast food garbage scattered around. When Brad collides with him a battle will begin.



  • When engaged in battle, Lil' Nuggie will periodically "beg for forgiveness from Wally". This move doesn't seem to have any effect on the player's party whatsoever.
  • Nuggie is one of the few supposed non-mutant enemies with the perma-kill move Fatal Chomp.
  • That said, though, between the aforementioned move and the rest of his moveset (Which also includes Bite, Yell, Taste, and Eat which is used by the Joy Mutants Arty and Harry), Nuggie is one of the most mutant-like non-mutants in the entire series, even more so than his master Wally who is theorized to have mutated under his suit. The only non-mutant-like trait of Lil' Nuggie's is that he does not know Cry.
  • It is possible to retreat from this battle if the player's party needs to recuperate.