Lardy Hernandez
Battler Lardy
Enemy information
HP 10000 ATK 50
SP 888 DEF 10
SATK 10 AGI 200
SDEF 222 LUCK 10
Exp 4000 Mags 8
Item Drops
1/1 chance of Fancy Perfume
HIT * 100% EVA * 10%
Attack Element: Physical Water * 200%
State Resist: Fallen Scared * 50%
State Resist: Stun Collapse Effect: Boss
Mongolian Chop Always 4
Big Swing Always 3
Gator Clamp Always 5
Tackle Always 4
Stiff Arm Always 5
"My brothers... I'm coming... Please take me back..."
―Lardy Hernandez
Lardy Hernandez appears in LISA: THE JOYFUL. He is one of the Warlords of Olathe, ranked 4th on The List.


He is the 4th, and largest of the Hernandez brothers and sports a very striking permed hairdo. Like all his brothers he shares the same topless large upper body.

Lardy is found on his transportation route inside a big truck. He seems surprised to see Rando, then Buddy will approach him and ask his identity. The two shall begin to argue as he doesn't answer her question, then Rando steps in and confirms it for her. A battle will begin swiftly after.



  • When Lardy is low on health he will yell "I'm not fucking around!" and pull out two massive guns. Although fairly weak, this attack strikes random targets a whopping 9 times. Be mindful of your healing items.

Trivia Edit

  • According to Dingaling, his name on the list is painted to Farty, not Carty.
  • Lardy despite being an Olathian warlord, is topless like all his brothers.

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