A travelling magician. Problem is, he's terrible at magic...
Party Member
Full Name Jack
Nickname Jack
Class Magician
Equip Types
Weapon Types Cards
Armor Types Accessory / Blouse / Hat
Skill Types Magic
Target Rate 100%
Evasion 5%
Hit Rate 95%
Crit Chance 4%
"Hello, weary traveller! Welcome... To Jack's Travelling Magic Show! You pay me, and I'll travel with you and perform! ... But. I lost part of my act... My playing cards. If you can find me some new ones. I'll perform for free!"

Jack is a travelling magician found around Bob's Dojo. He joins Brad's party after you find some new Playing Cards for him.


Name: Jack

Fighting Art: Wizardry

Past Occupation None

Likes: Performing Magic

Favorite Food: Jerky

Most Hated Thing: His lack of knowledge

Jack grew up after the Flash. He lived on his own, traveling the sandy lands. One day he found an old magic kit. From this day forth, he became obsessed with magic. He hasn't completely grasped the mystic arts, because the instruction manual was missing from the kit.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Jack Bio

Jack is a lone Travelling magician and began his destiny after the White Flash. He wears a blue hoodie with a black top hat over the top.

How to Invite to PartyEdit

Jack Preview2
Jack can be found in Bob's Dojo, found around Area 2. To travel to Bob's, walk though the top door in Area 2. Head to the end of the cave, walking past Birdie Hall, and you will reach Bob's.You will need some playing cards first. Head east past Bob's Dojo, speak to Marty and buy the Playing Cards for 200 mags.
Jack Preview
Travel West past Bob's Dojo to find a crack in the wall, Give the Cards to Jack and he will join Brad's party.

Tiger bomb
WARNING: If you give the two men on the east side of Area 2 your TNT, they will blow up Bob's Dojo along with all NPCs and possible party members Yazan Barghouti and Tiger Man. In order to avoid them, head to the top door of Area 2, jump down (dealing 10 damage on impact), and travel east over the jerks.


As Jack's main Skills are "Magic Hat", a skill that randomly applies a negative status ailment, he can be very unpredictable. This also has a chance to apply absolutely nothing. Despite this, his other skills can deal large damage, so he can be a great party member, as well as fun to fight with. Jack's "Juggle" abilities are especially high damage for their all-foe target, and will help clear many late-game gang encounters.

Jack fits into a party with other members who can protect him with status moves, such as Fallen or Blind, to let Jack work his magic. Some ideal members would be Garth, Buffalo, and Clint.


Skill Name Description Level Learned MP Cost
Trick Card Throw out an explosive playing card. Can cause burning. 1 10
Juggle A failed attempt at juggling with a dangerous outcome. 7 40
Magic Hat Perform an unmastered hat trick... Who knows what will come out... 10 15
Levitate Scare your opponent with your mysticism! 15 20
Magic Hat 2 Perform an unmastered hat trick... Who knows what will come out... 17 20
Mystic Juggle A failed attempt at juggling with a dangerous outcome. 19 20
Magic Hat 3 Perform an unmastered hat trick... Who knows what will come out... 20 25
Wizardly Juggle A failed attempt at juggling with a dangerous outcome. 23 30
Magic Hat 4 Perform an unmastered hat trick... Who knows what will come out... 25 15


Statistics analysis

Core Statistics
10 900 246 20 19 25 22 73 36

Battle QuotesEdit

Win QuotesEdit

Level QuotesEdit

Drop QuotesEdit

  • Did you like my trick?
  • Hokus Pokus!
  • I can make these disappear!

Default Equipment Edit




  • Jack is possibly the youngest party member, implying that he was born shortly before the flash happened.
  • Jack is one of six party members created by a Kickstarter backer, although there were supposed to be ten.[1]
  • It's stated that Jack, the youngest party member Brad can recruit, was born about the same time as the flash. Seeing as Jack is clearly an adult, this raises a question about where the children Brad encounters at the orphanage and Wally's village came from. They're clearly younger than Jack, so were they born after the flash happened? How can that be if there aren't any women?

References Edit

  1. @Dingalinggames Hey Austin, for the LISA wiki, I was wondering if you could say which party members and which gang is Kickstarted.

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