Battler Hawkbeast
Enemy information
HP 20000 ATK 300
SP 200 DEF 19
Exp 7000 Mags 21
Item Drops
1/1 chance of Joy
1/1 chance of Joy
HIT * 100% Attack Element: Physical
Collapse Effect: Boss State Resist: Fallen
State Resist: Scared Stun * 50%
State Resist: Paralysis
Bite Always 5
Blood cough Always 4
Glare Always 4
Scratch Always 3
Cry Always 3
Taste Always 3
Fatal Chomp Always 4
Smile Always 4


Hawk is the Joy Mutant version of Hawk Hollywood, the leader in Holly Wood. Hawk still retains most of his previous physical features, the only difference being his elongated and twisted neck, giving him the appearance of a flagpole.

Battle Edit

Hawk has a high chance to use the perma-kill move Fatal Chomp, so it is advised to either plan a strategic attack to prevent Hawk from using this attack or to use other party members in place of ones you don't wish to have killed. A good method of avoiding Hawk's perma-kill is to get him Pissed using party members such as Nern GuanHarvey Alibastor or Terry Hintz. Decreasing Hawk's hit rate with Crying or Blind will make his Bite and Scratch skills miss, however won't prevent Fatal Chomp from hitting.

Hawk is statistically identical to Beady. However, Hawk can use his Smile action, which can cause trouble by blinding you and your party members.

Since Hawk Hollywood's transformation is one of the biggest differences between Normal mode and Pain mode, it helps to know the differences between the two. Hawk Hollywood has higher ATK, SDEF, AGI, and LUCK stats and lower HP, DEF, and SATK stats. However, Hawk as a mutant is much more dangerous due to his aforementioned Fatal Chomp attack. While, as a human, he does have some attacks that can perma-kill, as a mutant, it will use its perma-kill attack much more often.



Hawk's mutant form is pain mode exclusive, replacing the Hawk Hollywood fight.

Hawk does not drop the USA Flag upon defeat, making it impossible to get this strong armor in Pain mode. Instead, he drops Joy, a trait shared with most other Joy Mutants.

Trivia Edit

  • Despite becoming a Joy Mutant, it still knows the 'Smile' that it used before its transformation.
  • It's unknown what happened to his men, but it's quite possible they escaped or were killed by him after he turned.
  • Hawk Hollywood does not get the normal Joy Mutant song of "Soft Skin", instead getting the tune "Blood for Sex" in its place.
  • Oddly enough, Hawk will drop more Mags on death than its pre-mutation form.