Gasoline Spit
Biographical information
Skill ID 510
Skill Type Skills
TP Cost 10
Scope One Enemy
Occasion Only In Battle
Speed 0
Success Rate 100
Repeats 1
Hit Type Certain Hit
Occasion Only In Battle
100% chance of Oiled Up
70% chance of Blind
Use Message (User) spits up!


Spit highly flammable liquid all over your opponent.



Many fans consider this is to be the best move in the game. Several party members, including Brad, can use Fire attacks, and every character can throw firebombs, diesel firebombs, and TNT in battles. When paired with this move that inflicts Oiled Up, these attacks are incredibly powerful (a Joyed Hottest Dance from Terry Hintz paired with Oiled Up can inflict over 25,000 damage on Satan). The ability to Blind is an added bonus. If used correctly, the team can survive some of the most difficult bosses without taking a single hit.

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