Former Friend
Battler Terrible Terry
Enemy information
HP 10000 ATK 400
SP 0 DEF 1
Exp 6000 Mags 1
Item Drops
1/1 chance of Diary Entries
HIT * 95% EVA * 5%
Attack Element: Physical Scared * 50%
Paralysis * 50% Sleep * 50%
Stun * 50%
Dirty Insult Always 3
Chop Always 5
Cry Always 3
Tackle Always 5
Neck Break Always 3
"Remember me? You're the worst. I really liked you... We coulda been best friends."
―Terry Hintz


Terry Hintz, now renamed Terrible Terry, Lord of Hurts, is a fresh, new member of Columbo's gang. He is found at the beginning of the Area 2/3 Transition where the entirety of Columbo's gang resides.

Terry will confront Brad and begin to talk down on him due to his choice of abandoning him to Columbo. He finishes his speech by telling Brad that he's become a new man, with new friends. A rather somber battle against Terry begins afterwords.


Battle Edit

The pushover Terry Hintz that was abandoned early in the game is now a serious threat. Despite his occasional crying, he can hit decently hard. The biggest threat about Former Friend, however, is how lethal he is. He will use Neck Break quite often, meaning that there is a big chance of losing a companion (or more, possibly). He is still weak to tripping and stunning, but take extreme precaution: Former Friend is one of the most lethal foes you will encounter.


  • This encounter ONLY appears if you give Terry up to Chris Columbo at the beginning of the game.
  • After Terry is defeated, the battle against the rest of Columbo's gang will start immediately like normal.
  • His death speech is: "... I loved you, man"

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