Demon X
Battler x
Enemy information
HP 999999 ATK 999
SP 0 DEF 999
SATK 999 AGI 999
SDEF 999 LUCK 10
Exp 400 Mags 6
HIT * 100% EVA * 5%
Attack Element: Physical State Resist: Burning
State Resist: Deep Poison State Resist: Bleed
State Resist: Poison State Resist: Fallen
Scared * 50% Stun * 50%
X Chop Always 5
"This is finally the end for you, Rangers!"
―Demon X


Demon X is a fearsome foe who wears a purple mask with a large X on it, and two enormous horns. He is found in the Sands confronting the Salvation Rangers, who had previously bailed after the Construction Site cutscene.

After an interruption by Brad's party, Salvation Black, having just reminisced of a childhood trauma, comes up with an idea to escape into a nearby cave and trap Demon X within the door frame.

Brad later enters the cave that the Rangers have hidden in and after some small banter Demon X manages to squeeze through the doorway sideways. This scares the Rangers away and Demon X is left alone and bitter, wondering who the real bad guys were.



  • The battle against Demon X is unwinnable by design. Brad's party is unable to hurt him, and his attacks do a whopping 100,000+ damage to the entire party. The battle MUST be lost in order for the cutscene to progress.
  • As a fun fact, Demon X's damage output appears to be significantly higher than Buzzo's.
  • It is possible for Demon X to be defeated with the right party members using the stink status effect for +10% evasion and poison damage, however at the end of the battle he will say that you cheated and call you an asshole before giving you an instant Game Over.