Battler Blue
Enemy information
HP 10000 ATK 600
SP 200 DEF 19
Exp 5000 Mags 0
Item Drops
1/1 chance of Joy
1/1 chance of Joy
HIT * 95% Attack Element: Physical
Collapse Effect: Boss State Resist: Fallen
State Resist: Scared Stun * 50%
State Resist: Paralysis
Blood cough Always 4
Scratch Always 3
Cry Always 3
Neck Break Always 1


Blue is a Joy Mutant, who was previously a member of the Salvation Rangers. His back is twisted and elongated, and his arms are stretched. He is also covered in blood after butchering Black, whose head can be found nearby.


  • Holly Wood, on the top platform of the segment just before Hawk Hollywood. (or Hawk, if on Pain Mode)
  • Blue (in addition to the rest of the Salvation Rangers) only appears after having encountered the Salvation Rangers back in Skull Town.

Battle Edit

Blue could be considered one of the easier mutants to tackle. He has nearly half of the HP that Hawk Hollywood has, and exactly half the HP of Hawk. He is not as lethal as either of them, too. However, he does have a higher attack than both Hawk Hollywood and Hawk. As long as you strike hard, Blue should not cause too much trouble.


  • Defeating Blue is the only way to get the Black Helmet, one of the best masks in the game.
  • Killing Blue will unlock the Salvation Ends Achievement.

Trivia Edit

  • Despite being a Joy mutant, it doesn't have a fatal bite skill because the mask is covering his face, instead neck break. Possibly he killed Black Ranger this way.
  • If talked to after retreating into the cave at Skull Town, the still human Blue Salvation Ranger will say he's been having very "violent, intimate thoughts". This is forshadowing that he is slowly changing into a Joy mutant.

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