Bloodiest Wolf
Battler Blood
Enemy information
HP 20000 ATK 500
SP 200 DEF 111
SATK 50 AGI 111
Exp 6000 Mags 0
Item Drops
1/3 chance of Mystery Jerky
1/3 chance of Empty Bottle
1/9 chance of Perfume
HIT * 100% Attack Element: Physical
Collapse Effect: Boss Animal * 100%
State Resist: Fallen Scared * 50%
Stun * 50% State Resist: Poison
Deer Horn Always 4
Peer Always 2
Heaven's Fist Always 3
Howling Gyser Always 3
Fireball Always 3
Heart Squeeze Always 1
"The painted sky should tell you everything... She does not belong to you. This is the last bloodmoon tree. And I shall not let you take her."
―Bloodiest Wolf


Bloodiest Wolf is the boss of Bloodmoon Mountain. He is found on the summit of the mountain where he stands firmly to protect the very last tree of his land that has not been cut down.

Unfortunately the tree is needed to collect Blood Wood, a key item that is needed to make a boat to the Deserted Island, so Brad must defeat Bloodiest Wolf and cut the last tree down.



  • Howling Geyser is a powerful move that Bloodiest Wolf has that deals high damage to the entire party
  • Bloodiest Wolf is another of the few non-mutant enemies to have a perma-kill move.

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