Armstrong Style
Icon Brad Face
Biographical information
Skill ID 127
Skill Type Skills
Scope One Enemy
Occasion Only In Battle
Speed 0
Success Rate 100
Repeats 1
Hit Type Certain Hit
Occasion Only In Battle
Use Message (User) Armstrong Family Style Karate!


Brad's very own brand of Martial Arts. Developed out of pain and self reflection.




<anti fail>

  1. <combo skill W: 131>
  2. <combo skill A: 130>
  3. <combo skill S: 009>
  4. <combo skill D: 010>
  1. <combo special DWWA: 013>
  2. <combo special WSD: 025>
  3. <combo special WWS: 012>
  4. <combo special WAWA: 011>
  5. <combo special WDD: 052>
  6. <combo special WSS: 053>
  7. <combo special WDAS: 054>
  8. <combo special DDA: 726>
  9. <combo special DDS: 731>
  10. <combo special DDW: 732>
  11. <combo special WAD: 733>
  12. <combo special WAWS: 734>
  13. <combo special SDDS: 735>
  14. <combo special SDDW: 736>

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