The Area 3 Crossroads is the final hub area of LISA: THE PAINFUL. The trumpet heard in the background of other hubs is slowed to a depressingly slow and sluggish tempo, mirroring the decline of Brad, his mental state and what he has had to sacrifice to get to this point. Brad must obtain parts for a ship to be able to save Buddy on an island east of Area 3.

Trumpet Cave-50%

Story and ObjectivesEdit

  1. Access the Fancy Cave and obtain the Resort Map. This can be taken to Shardy in the Area 2 Crossroads to visit the Resort Island
  2. Visit Stone Village
  3. Obtain the Toolbox from Snow
  4. Obtain the Mint Cloth from Holly Wood
  5. Obtain the Large Fan from the Bathhouse.
  6. Obtain the wood from Bloodmoon Mountain
  7. Before leaving for the final area, buy as much Horse Jerky as you can
  8. Proceed to the Area 3 Shore


Area 3 ShopEdit

Fancy Cave Edit

The Fancy Cave (sometimes referred to as the Art Gallery) is a bizarre cave with mod-styled wallpaper where many different Joy Mutants are put on display like works of art. While none of the displayed mutants can be battled with, each one bares a name plate next to them describing their type of transformation in one word.

Wind Swept
Arc Beauty Frustration Insecurity Miniscule Wind Swept

At the end past a metal door is another Joy Mutant overlooking a scientist that it killed. As what we know about Joy mutants is that their nature is to give into their deepest desire, the subject must have been a subject of this doctor and despised him. The Joy induced rage is probably what caused him to kill the scientist. To the right of them is the Resort Map that allows Brad to visit Resort Island.

Yado's LookoutEdit

Dropping down brings you to a small outcropping.

There's the entrance to Gary's cave, Dr. Yado stands directly above it.

Gary's CaveEdit

Gary's cave is a small vertically oriented cave at the top is a man and Gary the Cat. Talking to the man after interacting with Gary will reward you with the Cat Paw.

Area 3 ShoreEdit

The shore is the last section of Area 3 in which Brad can, once all 4 boat parts are obtained, sail to the last area of the game.

However, if Brad let Sticky survive previously, and all 4 boat parts are obtained, he will confront Brad in an attempt to save the world.

Once passed, Tardy Hernandez will finish building the boat and take Brad to the Deserted Island after Brad has deserted his party.

Trivia Edit

The Frustration joy mutant is re-used in LISA: THE JOYFUL as an enemy named Cooper.

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